The Most Profitable CX

Strategex's Customer Experience (CX) program combines our 80/20 philosophy with customer insights to improve your customer experience. Our CX strategies build upon insights across the B2B customer journey to turn customers into raving fans. When you amplify the voice of the customer, you amplify your bottom line. Creating the right experience for the right customer results in profitable growth.

Identifying the right customers

Our CX strategies focus on profit, not revenue. Our customer insights and customer experience programs concentrate on top profit-driving accounts. We help you fully-understand your top customers and help you make them loyal raving fans.

Our competitors often deliver customer data on a random set of survey respondents. Instead, we focus on top customers to provide insights behind the right metrics. We guide you to use that intelligence to improve customer success, revenue, and profitability.

Using the right insights and the right metrics

Our team of CX experts provides fast, actionable B2B customer experience strategies. Our CX strategies are informed by your customer insights, company and financial data, and internal stakeholders. We deliver a CX playbook to enhance your customer experience, gain competitive intelligence, and discover opportunities for growth.

Delivering an exceptional experience

When it comes to designing CX programs, our mantra is simple: Treat Top Accounts Exceptionally. We work to make sure every person in your organization is customer-obsessed and responsible for delivering an exceptional CX.